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We know how to reach premium audiences with innovative formats

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To reach premium audiences, we gather information from over one thousand live campaigns per month.

Our Ads Platform exceeds 70% of the total regional audience, and we segment all our formats by tested and approved vertical audiences.


We execute our ads in specific and innovative media that provide 100% safe content. We can reach 17 million users per month in Argentina, 9 million in Chile, 16 million in Peru, 64 million in Mexico, and 14 million in Colombia.

We offer innovative formats such as Interactive Rich Media, Outstream Video, Rewarded Video, Push Notifications, Display Ads and In-App Video. In addition to exclusively curated audiences, campaigns achieve excellent metrics and high impact.


To generate interaction with users, Kinder designed an in-app campaign. Through an innovative strategy, the campaign focused on the vertical audiences Moms, Family, and Entertainment; exclusive from pml’s Ad Marketplace.

Exploring the concept of chocolate, users were asked to erase chocolate from the screen with their fingers. We used a Rich Media Eraser that allowed users to discover what lay underneath, unveiling the traditional Kinder bar and a product video.


We immensely surpassed the interaction goal.


Interaction Rate






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